Products by Family
Temperature & Process Controllers

Pid Process controllers
Temperature controllers
Batch ramp and soak controller

Panel Meters

Process variables indicators
Voltmeters, Amperimeters
Counters, Totalizers
Tachometers, Rate meters

Signal Conditioners & Isolators

Signal conditioners

Flow Computers and Integrating Meters
ISO5167 differential pressure mass flow computer.
Analog Input Integrating totalizer.
Supervision and Data acquisition tools
Arian instruments send data to a PC in modbus RTU protocol.
Derived benefits will be improvements in the productivity, cost reduction and a superior quality control.

Modbus OPC Server Software Free Download.
ISO485 / RS232 isolating Interface.
Large Displays
Huge digit displays.

Expendable Thermocouple Pyrometer
Steel foundry expendable thermocouple thermometer.
Software for configurating Instruments from a PC

Configuration/set up of controllers and panel meters can be done from a PC using the RPS software and interface connecting cable.

User Manual

RPS Software download